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You Rock Today! products promote independence and self-sufficiency....!

Nurture self-sufficiency for success

Doing everything for your children won’t serve them well, and will leave you exhausted. The You Rock Today! Chore Chart motivates kids to complete age-appropriate tasks. The more your kids track the improvement for good conduct and helpfulness, the more those behaviors become part of their daily lives. At adulthood, they’ll have a sense of responsibility and a wealth of life skills – and you’ll also have a more well-rounded life. You Rock Today! products promote independence and self-sufficiency!

Let your kids as young as 2 or 3 years old lay the foundations for skills which will become useful later in life.  For a toddler, doing a chore is no different from play, while older children will take pride in having more responsibility

It is not about perfectionism and not the time to worry that the bed isn't well made, and the wiping up needs doing again after they’ve finished! Cheer their effort with praise, and in time the results will improve, too.
Positive language helps to keep the lines of communication open, and builds mutual respect, trust, connection, and nurtures your child’s self-esteem.  
You Rock Today! Chart is designed color coded to reflect the energy of colors. Blue contoured cards are chores, green contoured cards are self care, and orange contoured cards are nice and cool behaviors. While blue represents wisdom and intelligence, green reflects peace and stillness, orange reflects joy!
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