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CULTIVATE GOOD HABITS and celebrate goal achievements with our magnetic incentive chart. Designate up to 9 tasks a day for as many as 3 children with age-appropriate chores in 9 categories. It's recommended to focus on 3-4 tasks for any age group children at any given time, and this chart having room for 9 tasks a day allows you to give different tasks for each child. Includes 60 pre-printed and 10 blank customizable chore cards. Incentivize potty training for boys and girls, as it is suitable to use as a fun toddler reward chart.

Remember that 6 years and younger kids need more self-care cards, and for a toddler, doing a chore is no different from play, while older children will take pride in having more responsibility.


Potty Training

Eat Good

Peaceful Sleep

Morning & Bedtime Routine

School Time

Nice & Cool Behaviors

Chores for 6 Years and Younger

Chores for 6 Years and Older, Cool Kids

Chores for Teenagers.

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