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POSITIVE, COLORFUL ILLUSTRATIONS are easy to interpret, even by non-readers. Artwork becomes more sophisticated and age-appropriate with the complexity of the chores. Potty training illustrations are geared toward 2-3 year olds, and mopping floors is geared toward 9-10 year olds. This versatile system is perfect for potty training rewards for toddlers, or as a kids’ and toddlers’ daily schedule for home and school.

Chore Cards illustrations embraces diversity of people with the same aim of raising our children the best way we can, and avoid reflecting a single group of ethnic backgrounds. Illustrated cards involves both moms and dads in guiding children in household chores.

When starting to use your chart, discuss with your child what a responsibility is, and talk about what some of your responsibilities are. Select from the illustrated age-appropriate chore magnets provided, or use the black marker to write your own on the blank cards or on the dry erase board itself for your kid to accomplish in a given week under the TASK heading. Some illustrated cards like "screen time.....", "read for..........mins", "brush teeth.... times", etc... allow you to customize the card to fit into your families' and your children's exact needs, also.

Remember that 6 years and younger kids need more self-care cards, and for a toddler, doing a chore is no different from play, while older children will take pride in having more responsibility. It's recommended to focus on 3-4 tasks for any age group children at any given time, and this chart having room for 9 tasks a day allows you to give different tasks for each child.

The You Rock Today! Chore chart could also be used as a “Daily/Weekly Planner” or a “Visual Reminder”.

Self-Care and Nice & Cool Behaviors

You Rock Today! Chore cards are designed color coded to reflect the energy of colors: Blue contoured cards are chores, green contoured cards are self-care, and orange contoured cards are nice, and cool behaviors. Blue represents wisdom and intelligence, while green reflects peace and stillness, and orange reflects joy!

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